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The Wheel of Time Database


What I want you, the user, to get out of this site is the ability to find answers to questions that you don’t already know. Need an example? Ask yourself this: How many dead soldiers are there? Go ahead. Think about it for a second. I’ll wait.

No idea? Fifty, maybe? A hundred? Well, a quick search at the top of the page for “dead, soldier” will spit out the results. Pretty neat, huh?

Now try and find that same information anywhere else. Go ahead. I’m not going anywhere.

Not so easy, is it? While the other sites do contain that kind of data, the Wheel of Time® Database is here to quickly bring you what you’re looking for. You can think of WoTDB as your own Wheel of Time® Personal Assistant. It does all the hard work, and you reap the rewards.

If you’re looking for something very specific — a particular character, place, faction, or interview — or even things like blogs, community forums and conventions, then perhaps Encyclopaedia WoT, Dragonmount, the WoTFAQ or any number of other resources would be better suited to your needs. But if you want a broader view of things or a very specific slice of the entire pie, then the Wheel of Time® Database is for you.

Wheel of Time Ask Blogs




We now have quite a few WoT ask blogs starting up, so I thought I would make a list in case anyone was not aware! Go check them out, they are bloody excellent.


Ask Asmodean

Ask Moridin

Ask Lanfear

Ask Moghedien